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Journal "Regional'nye problemy"

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The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) has been published since 1995. Original researches on all aspects of regional development (Biology, Earth Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences) are published in the journal. Some issues may be thematic or target.

The Journal Founder: Institute for Complex Analysis of  Regional Problems of  the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern branch (ICARP FEB RAS).

The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) is an openly accessible journal published four times a year.

"Rospechat" Catalog Index 70006.

Chief  Editor: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Efim Y. Frisman

ISSN print: 1605-220X

Address for correspondence
The Journal "Regional’nye problemy"
4 Sholom-Aleikhem St.
Birobidzhan 679016

Phone: 8 (42622) 41671
E-mail: Reg.probl@yandex.ru
Website: http://rp.icarp-febras.ru

Vol. 20 No. 3, 2017

Greeting on behalt of the Editorial Board
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (169 К)


Natural conditions and vertebrates of the Bastak (Russia) and Honghe (China) reserves: comparative analysis
Averin A.A., Burik V.N., Rubtsova T.A., Zhu Baoguang.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (5253 К)


Bibliometric analysis of publications on the problem of Russian Border Zone
Neklyudovа N.P., Trushkova E.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (916 К)

Comparative analysis of the near border cultural landscapes of Russia and the adjacent countries by means of remote sensing and GIS
Kolosov V.A., Zotova M.V., Medvedev A.A.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (3434 К)

Attitude to migration, the non-indigenous population and cultural integration in the Altai region (by results of sociological surveys and media analysis)
Goncharova N.P., Varaksina N.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (906 К)

Business development in rail transport and port economy of the Khasan district (Primorsky Territory) in the late XX – early XXI century
Vaschuk A.S.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1512 К)

English-language historiography about Chinese participation in the agricultural sector of the south of the Russian far east during 1990–2010
Chernolutskaya E.N.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (1351 К)

Regional differences of women's migration from the border areas of Russia
Sivoplyasova S.Yu.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (893 К)

Security of Border areas in Russian-Chinese relations at the present stage
Gamerman E.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (634 К)

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