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Journal "Regional'nye problemy"

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The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) has been published since 1995. Original researches on all aspects of regional development (Biology, Earth Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences) are published in the journal. Some issues may be thematic or target.

The Journal Founder: Institute for Complex Analysis of Regional Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern branch (ICARP FEB RAS).

The Journal "Regional’nye problemy" (Regional Problems) is an openly accessible journal published four times a year.

Chief Editor: Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Efim Y. Frisman

ISSN print: 1605-220X; е - 2618-9593

Address for correspondence
The Journal "Regional’nye problemy"
4 Sholom-Aleikhem St.
Birobidzhan 679016

Phone: 8 (42622) 41671
E-mail: Reg.probl@yandex.ru
Website: http://rp.icarp-febras.ru

Vol. 23 No. 4, 2020


Distribution of air temperature and precipitation in the Komsomolsky Nature Reserve
Van P.S.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2264 КБ)

Approaches to creating a map of atmospheric and water ecological situations in the Jewish Autonomous Region
Goryukhin M.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (883 КБ)


Current issues of timber export from the Far Eastern Federal District
Stelmah E.V.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (693 КБ)

Production potential of the Jewish Autonomous Region: assessment and comparison with the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District
Revutskaya O.L., Krasota T.G.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (2565 КБ)

Jewish Autonomous Region: review of the 1939 exhibition «Jews in Tsarist Russia and in the USSR»
Gurevich V.S.
образец_PDF.jpgPDF (587 КБ)

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