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The head:
Rita Moiseevna Kogan,  Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Phone: (42622)20539; E-mail:koganrm@mail.ru

Laboratory staff: A.V. Anoshkin, A.V. Zubarevs, V.A. Glagolev, M.V. Gorjukhin, V.B. Kalmanova, V.A. Zubarev.

Basic rearch areas:

- geoecological analysis of the territory;
- study of development of the fire-risk situations mechanism, elaboration of the methods to evaluate and predict these situations;
- research of water objects and water resources.

Main results:
The pollutant ways of emergence and distribution in the JAR are investigated.

The criteria to evaluate the state of environmental objects in urban territories have been developed by complex geochemical analysis of soil, arboreal flora, solid atmospheric precipitation, and the ways of pollutants distribution in the air. To evaluate the urban environment condition, a geo-informational system has been elaborated, as well as the maps showing heavy metals distribution in soil and snow, and seasonal contamination in the Birobidzhan city.

The integrated fire risk estimation criteria for vegetation in the Middle Amur Region are elaborated on the basis of the classification of vegetative formations according to their natural pyrological resistive capacity, recorded fires. The electronic  maps: «The inventory of fires overlay in the territory of Jewish Autonomous Region», «Pyrological characteristics of vegetative formations in the JAR», «The JAR forestry Network» have been produced.

The computer-aided informational system for fire risk estimation and forecast has been elaborated for fire danger indexes calculation and prediction, for damaged territories maps updating, for short- and long-term forecasts, for revealing the areas of maximum fragility. This complex is intended for fire-prevention organizations.

The factors determining the Amur River left-bank inflows bed-river processes are investigated in its middle flow. The present-day tendencies of development with river complexes and separate currents are investigated according to the dominant mode of anthropogenic stress.

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