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The head:
Tamara Aleksandrovna Rubtsova, Ph. D. (Biology)
Phone: (42622) 60097; E-mail: ecolicarp@mail.ru

Laboratory staff: V.N. Burick, T.E. Kodyakova, A.U. Kalinin, D.M. Fetisov, E.M. Gaidash, K.V. Prokopyeva, A.N. Gelunov

Basic research areas:

study of vegetation, vascular plants flora in the Middle Amur Region, and their specification;
- ecological and cenotic organization of vegetation in the Middle Amur Region;
- study of fish communities in the Middle Amur River basin, elaboration of the typification criteria;
- determination of the current state of rare species (plants and animals); arrangement of their ecological monitoring;
- study of the land cover of the Small Khingan Range;
- elaborating the ways of promotion the nature reserves system in the JAR;
- regional monitoring of the agricultural production structure and dynamics in the JAR.

Main results:
The vascular plants flora (1430 species) and ichthyofauna (92 species) have been investigated in Jewish Autonomous Region. The Rare Species Book (plants and mushrooms) was published. Characteristics of the JAR flora and fauna resources have been obtained. An inventory of forest plants in the region has been made, as well as a description of 285 sample plots. There have been elaborated the ecological-phytocenotic and ecological-floristic classifications. Electronic data bases for the flora, sample plots for forest vegetation, vertebrates and the reference herbarium of the JAR are set up.

It is shown that 45 % of the JAR territory is suitable for tourist setting. Some recommendations aimed at the promotion of the recreational environment management have been offered. The map of regional tourist resources is elaborated.

Ecological and economic substantiation to found extra protected natural territories in Jewish Autonomous Region has been elaborated for the 11 nature sanctuaries, protective zone, cluster sites of «Zabelovsky» and «Pompeevsky» in the «Bastak» nature reserve. The biodiversity of dendrology park is studied.

The guidelines for the JAR agrarian and industrial complex development are determined. The researchers have offered a valid sowing structure. The «Kazminsky» and «Monsoon» new barley varieties have been selected.

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